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My name is Anniina. I’m Your professional, experienced dog trainer based in Inner West Sydney with 10 years of experience in dog training.
I use positive dog training methods. However, this doesn’t mean bribing your dog with treats. I’m a firm believer of ‘nothing in life is free’ and follow this principle when training dogs. Every treat needs to be earned and even then they will be faded out eventually. An obedient dog obeys the owner because they want to, not because the owner has treats. To be successful in training dogs you need to understand canine behaviour and how they learn. This is what I can help you with. When we understand what drives our dog, we can take advantage of it and therefore gain better control of our dog.
Contact Your Dog Trainer in Sydney today and we can start your journey towards a better life with your pooch!
The session can be held at your own home or at one of our beautiful Inner West Sydney Parks.
Private one-on-one dog training ensures you are on the right path to success and fixing the right problems.
First, all training starts with understanding the reason behind the behaviour. This is essential for success when modifying a dog’s behaviour. Knowing what to fix is what a professional, experienced dog trainer like me can help you with.
The training starts with observing the dog in the environment where the issues appear and clarifying the reason behind it.
After the first session, you will receive a personalised training plan with homework to follow.
All the Eazy Dog Training training plans and homework is based on the assessment of your individual dog and the training progress.
Each week I’ll teach you how to better understand and help your dog and take you through the training step by step.


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